Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pattaya Provincial Court Police Catch Andrew Drummond

Andrew Drummond Makes a New Enemy, the Head of Pattaya Court Detains Andrew Drummond

On June 6 police chased Andrew Drummond at Pattaya Court. Drummond fled in his car.

A formal report was field by court police who witnessed Andrew Drummond illegally and secretly video-taping witnesses  entering Pattaya Provincial Court in an on-going case against him.

On Tuesday, June 11 at 10:45 am Pattaya Court Police again saw Andrew Drummond taping at the courthouse with two unidentified, white, middle-aged males. Drummond was captured by police and his video camera was seized.

The head of the court admonished Drummod for clearly breaking the law and warned him that if he ever records any activity at the court house that he will be prosecuted by the court.

Separately, a criminal complain has been lodged against Andrew Drummond with the Pattaya Provincial Court by several Thai citizens. Drummond allegedly was hiding low in the front seat of his car video taping people exiting the court house.

Because witnesses can be intimidated and undercover officers can be exposed, it is illegal to photography, video tape or record by any electronic means at the court.

Andrew Drummond is not recognized as a journalist by the court and he is not approved to conduct himself as a journalist. He has been barred from reporting on several trials on which he blogs because the judges were presented conclusive evidence posted on his own public blog that Drummond had totally lied about witness testimony in an effort to falsely incriminate defendants. 

The myriad of lies of Andrew Drummond continues from the obsessed madman, even after  Andrew Drummond is exposed as a fraud.

The local newspaper reported some of the foreigners who use phony names and defame Thai businesses and western residents in the article found at

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